4 Creative Ways To Extend Your Community Reach

In today’s day and age, people from all around the world can find your company at the click of a button. Digital marketing has opened up new ways businesses can market their brand and reach potential customers. However, the rise in popularity of digital marketing has caused some business owners to overlook the importance of local marketing. No matter what type of business you operate, establishing a solid connection with your local community proves to be beneficial. In this blog, we will discuss four creative tactics to extend your community reach. 

4 Ways To Grow Within Your Local Community

Host A Seminar

One of the most effective ways to position your business within the local community is by hosting a free seminar. Hosting a free seminar will give local businesses and customers the opportunity to learn about your business and get one-on-one support from the faces of your company.

To create and host a successful local seminar, you will need to start by picking a location. You can check with your local chamber of commerce, library, or SBDC office for possible meeting spaces. Once the location is established, set a date and start marketing your seminar. Distribute press releases to local media outlets or even do a small direct mail campaign. After that’s done, it’s important to craft a special offer for your products and services that is only available in person on that day. Be sure to collect attendees’ contact information with a sign-in sheet so you can thank them for attending and remarket to them for future events and promotions.

Sponsor A Local Event

Although hosting a seminar is a great way to extend your community reach, not every business has the time and resources to do so. One of the best alternatives is to sponsor a local event. Some business owners may view sponsoring events as charity work, but it’s a great opportunity to create a strategic partnership. 

By sponsoring events, you can network with local business owners and develop relationships. Additionally, companies that sponsor local events can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased brand awareness through the event itself
  • In-event speaking opportunities to educate and inform about your company
  • Direct contact with an audience full of potential leads
  • Access to valuable data about attendees

Charity/Volunteer Work

If you want to make a difference in the local community while helping your organization’s image, charity or volunteer teamwork is the perfect opportunity. 

Possible group volunteer projects include cleaning a local park, planting trees and flowers, or rounding up care packages for those in need. You can even partner up with other local businesses to boost volunteer efforts. 

Another route is to organize a fundraising event for local charities. This is a more traditional approach but you can always put a creative spin on it. Consider a school supply charity for families who need help or partnering with a local food bank to give back to the homeless. 

Informational Postcard Campaign

We are constantly scrolling past social media posts, clicking on promotional emails, and skimming through informative blogs. Although these digital marketing tactics have proven to work, sometimes it’s best to go traditional. Physical media is still a viable option to reach potential customers. 

An informational postcard campaign allows members of your local community to learn about your products or services hands-on. Of course, you should include all important company information such as website address, social media pages, and company phone number on the postcard. Also, it’s never a bad idea to include promotions that can be used with a code on the postcard! This allows you to monitor your campaign progress by tracking the number of conversions (or new customers) who used the unique code.

Grow Your Local Reach With Digital Mules

Combining your digital marketing efforts with traditional marketing tactics helps extend both your local and online reach. At Digital Mules, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help your business grow no matter what direction you want to take it in. We can help plan and execute your marketing strategy to reach your local community and elevate your brand. For more information on our services, please contact us today to set up a discovery call.

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