Are Flyers & Business Cards Still Effective?

We live in an increasingly digital world, which is leaving companies wondering if printed materials are still successful marketing tools. In short, yes. Business cards and paper flyers still have plenty of marketing benefits for businesses. They both can be time-efficient and are guaranteed to reach your target audience.

Benefits of Flyers 

Flyers are ideal for a local market and able to target a geo-specific audience. They’re perfect for events and promotional sales for your business. When designing flyers, the message needs to be short and straight to the point while also eye-catching. They’re able to be left behind on tables, bulletin boards, and other places of business.

They can also work alongside digital marketing by applying QR codes on the flyers which would bring the customer to your business’ website or social media accounts. Flyers offer a fast turnaround since they can be created, printed, and distributed fairly quickly. Businesses can rest assured that flyers will reach their target audience during distribution and know that the consumer is receiving the marketing message. 

Benefits of Business Cards

Business cards can be customizable to match your brand. They are easy to share with customers and prospects. They’re also a form of direct marketing to your target audience. Business cards are a great way to network as well with a more personalized and personable touch. 

Keep only necessary and vital information on business cards, such as:

  • Your name
  • Company name and logo
  • Phone number
  • Email address 
  • Physical address (if applicable)
  • Website
  • Company message or tagline

Disadvantages of Flyers

While there are a multitude of benefits to using flyers and business cards, there are a few disadvantages to using them as marketing tools. There are some people, who when receiving flyers or business cards, throw the items away immediately after getting them. The tracking capabilities are severely lacking compared to digital campaigns. 

Further, print materials could be increasingly costly. As the volume increases for business cards and flyers, so do the costs. When designing and distributing business cards and flyers, it is important to take into account factors such as quality finishes, luxury elements, shipping costs, and more, which can become expensive for many businesses. 

Lastly, print materials can be environmentally inefficient. Distributing flyers and business cards could oftentimes lead to harmful ramifications on the environment, specifically because the materials may end up in landfills, animal habitats, canals, and even residential lakes that can increase the rates of pollution. 

Disadvantages of Business Cards

With business cards, more and more people integrate their business contacts through their phones or computers. Once they get the necessary contact information from the business card, they might not feel the need to keep it. 

With flyers, they’re typically used for promoting events and sales. Once the event has passed, the customer no longer has a need for the flyer. As a marketing tool, flyers don’t necessarily offer a long-term impact for a business.

Marketing with Digital Mules

There are several ways to effectively incorporate flyers and business cards into your marketing plan. At Digital Mules, we offer an array of marketing services. Let one of our graphic designers create an eye-catching flyer for your business’s next event or your business card to easily and quickly share your information. We can curate the perfect message to deliver to your target audience. Whether it be digital or paper, we can help you build your brand. Contact us today to construct the perfect marketing plan for your brand and business. 

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