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Property X is a multi-family asset that offers first in class, unique, affordable, and enjoyable apartment leasing options across West Texas. Property X and its assets were all founded upon the belief that apartment living can be both luxurious and affordable, and that comfortable living is key to feeling safe in your space and energized to live your best life.

Property X and its assets began working with Digital Mules to grow their brand awareness, increase traffic to their websites, and capture the information of their audience to effectively retarget and convert them.

"a place to call home."




As a result of consistent paid advertisement and email marketing, coupled with frequent communication and weekly updates between marketing teams, Property X and its assets experienced 33x and 14x return on ad spent, with investments at $18,501 and $41,492 yielding closed deals worth $616,558 and $613,000.

In addition, the overall strategy led to the development of a strong email list of potential leads including 3,767 subscribers with an average email open rate of 14-20%. These metrics are responsive to the effective strategies put in place, and have helped them to successfully provide customers with a "new place to call home."

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