Merlola Industries

developing a unique visual identity under a critical timeline

Merlola Industries is a US-based Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer and distributor that commits to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all Americans. Through the distribution of products such as surgical masks, gloves fabrics and more, Merlola Industries believes in the ability to support and individual's health in addition to creating a brand that they can trust and rely on for their PPE needs.

Merlola Industries began working with Digital Mules to establish a unique brand identity and a strong online presence. Merlola disclosed several priorities foe the project including establishing a complete branding, as well as designing, developing, and publishing a fully-functioning website in just six weeks.

"setting american made as the standard."




As a result of consistent communication, clear setting of expectations and project timelines, and constructive collaboration, Digital Mules successfully met all project deadlines within six weeks and completed the visual identity with less than five revisions for the entire process.

The initial press release was successfully picked up by news outlets such as FOX, CBS, and NBC, and Merlola Industries successfully stood out against their competitors as a new face in the PPE industry. The unique visual identity and website helped to establish the brand's credibility quickly, allowing them to continue setting American made as the standard in PPE manufacturing and distribution.

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to develop brand, website, and marketing collateral


contact form submissions within first 3 months


major news networks picked up initial press release

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