It’s actually very simple. We like to see our model as a supplement to your company and your team. We understand that in most instances hiring a team of 15+ talented individuals to handle your marketing may not make sense for every business. That’s why we were born. We are here to provide high quality work for a fraction of the price of hiring a full team. We focus on still providing that quality and attention to detail that an internal team would.

We aim to become your marketing department. We manage all things marketing – we manage your social media accounts, your reputation, work on your SEO, Design and send out your marketing emails, write your blogs, maintain your website, design content for your company, and help you with your marketing strategy. We aim to be as close as we can to an internal team.

We have a set of monthly deliverables that we focus on producing every single month. These include: Blogs, Graphics, Social Media Posts, Emails, and Reporting. We produce content initially 4 weeks in advance and after that first round of content we start producing 2 weeks worth of content. With our clients expertise and approval we have very high success rates and our model fits in very well.

Initially we kick off our relationship with a 90 – 120 minute on boarding meeting. In this meeting we set several goals in place, but one of them from us is to understand your brand, and your company. This kick off call has a deliverable which is your brand guidelines. This will become your company’s asset once it’s finished. For us, this is what we will be referencing whenever we create something. On top of that we create posting and strategy guidelines that need to be approved by you. And on top of that we send you every piece of content and we need written approval to post anything or send anything on your behalf.

Here at Digital Mules we don’t aim to be the best or the biggest marketing agency. We are in business to be the most helpful and understanding marketing agency to ever exist. We want your business to be our business. Our team is incentivized to truly learn and truly care about all of our clients. We limit the amount of accounts our teams can handle at a time to ensure proper care, attention, and quality. We also provide years of experience and 15+ professionals to help your brand for the price of a salary. On a cost savings standpoint we save our clients over $250,000 in yearly salary expenses.

We seem to bring the most value for mid-sized or large companies. However, feel free to reach out and our team will be more than happy to send over more information and discuss if we are the right fit for you, and you are the right fit for us.

Simply fill out our contact form “Here” and our team will send over some information to schedule the next steps. Our process is very simple and straightforward.

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