What Goes Into a Website Redesign?

Is your existing website still reaching its target audience? Is your web content easily accessible to mobile devices? Does your current site maintain or grow its web traffic? If not, it may be time to consider redesigning your website. A website redesign project is an overhaul of your entire site including visual elements, search engine optimization, and updating your site structure in order to make your website more effective. 

Here are a few redesign tips to consider when planning your website redesign strategy:

Is It Time To Redesign?

If you own a business or brand, the user interface and web design of your site is what the website visitors see as a first impression. Do all of your website pages meet the standard of first impressions that you seek? 88% of website visitors are less likely to come back if their first experience does not meet their standards. If your website does not retain your target customers and ensure blind users visiting from search engines will have a positive user experience, then it is time to consider a website redesign.

Website Redesign Process

Redesigning a website is no easy task. The first step is to understand the user experience. The way users navigate through your website content leaves an important impression on consumers that will shape their opinion of your brand. Design elements compose 94% of a user’s first impressions after all. If the user experience and user interface don’t meet the needs of the consumers, then the accessible web content will go unnoticed.

Content Phase

While visual elements significantly impact a user’s first impression, the content of the website is just as important. A content management system (CSM) is a great tool worth investing in to help organize and manage all of your digital content. It also helps to create a website redesign checklist during this phase to plan out all the pages and objectives your new website will need.

Design Phase

The design phase is where you map out the overall design structure for your website. If your website’s design is not appealing and well thought out, marketing efforts will not be as effective, and you may lose website visitors coming back a second time. Consider the right types of colors, fonts, elements and more for your website. 

Further, it is important to make sure that your website is adapted for mobile devices. Your mobile website needs to be seamless. Broken links and technical aspects that result from not adapting your website to mobile devices will make your design elements ineffective. 

Development Phase

The final phase of redesigning a website is the development phase. After gathering all your content and visual elements, it is necessary to code the website and manage your SEO. Search engine optimization efforts are important because your site needs to be seen to generate traffic. There are a variety of tools that can help you track your SEO efforts, such as Google Analytics.

Redesign Your Website With Digital Mules

If your current website marketing efforts aren’t sufficient, a website redesign may be what you need. Redesigning a website is an effective marketing strategy to ensure that your brand is accessible to a wider audience. If your site leaves a good impression on first-time viewers, they are more likely to use and recommend your website or online store. At Digital Mules we specialize in website design, SEO, and more. To find out how we can help your brand grow and maintain a healthy online reputation, contact us today!

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