Uplift Your Business and Attract Top Talent With Employee Branding

As the battle to procure top talent continues to get more competitive, employers are finding new ways to build on employee branding. Employee branding can be defined as the value your business brings to employees. It’s important to allocate resources towards employee branding as it can help uplift a company’s position in the talent marketplace. In this blog, we will discuss methods to help your business boost its employee branding and attract top talent to your team. 

Why Employee Branding Is Important

Employees are the heart and soul of every organization. Establishing a strong employee brand within your business helps improve employee loyalty and company reputation. Businesses that succeed at building their employee branding have team members who also work as powerful brand ambassadors. 

For example, organizations with poor employee branding may see very low engagement on social media from employees. The goal of employee branding is to shape this behavior so that employees of a company can effectively project the brand identity in everything they do. Fostering an environment of high employee morale and engagement is crucial to a loyal workforce that is proud of its organization. 

Tips To Getting Started

An increasing number of employers are becoming interested in how employee branding can help achieve a competitive advantage. With 91% of candidates seeking out at least one online or offline resource to evaluate an employer’s brand, gardening a good reputation is of the utmost importance. Here are three ways to get started on your employee branding. 

Educate Employees on Your Brand

The first step to employee branding is to create, teach, and instill your company culture in the minds of employees. 

This must be a positive and compelling message that employees can easily get behind. It’s effective to start by teaching employees the history behind your brand message and values to help them identify with your organization’s goals. 

Without your team buying into the company culture, employee branding won’t be authentic and will make it even harder to get the talent and customers needed for long-term success.

Drive Organizational Communication

Communication within an organization doesn’t just include dialogue. It’s the confidence to exchange ideas, confirm strategies, and ask questions. Practically every aspect of a business’s operations require strong communication to thrive. 

Organizational communication supports a healthy workplace where employees feel like they have a voice. As an employer, you should encourage employees to engage with and communicate with one another to help drive efficiency. 

Start by establishing a medium for communication such as Slack which allows employees to reach each other with ease. Create group message boards to be able to communicate with all your employees from one place.

Always Listen to Employee Feedback

The employer-employee feedback loop should be a crucial component of your employee branding strategy. Employees sharing their thoughts about the daily operations of your business is the most valuable form of feedback you could ever receive. Take the opportunity to always listen to, respond, and take action in ways that help your business and employees grow. 

With the rise in popularity of business review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, ensuring that you consider employee feedback is more important than ever before. A work environment where employees don’t feel prioritized will be reflected on these review sites and will keep top talent away from your business. 

Create a Cohesive Brand Message With Digital Mules

Aligning your employee branding with your marketing efforts is essential to creating a cohesive brand message. When you work with our wonderful team at Digital Mules, we can help instill your brand’s values, message, and theme into every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. For more information on how we can help build your brand, please contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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