Top Performing Content for Medical Offices in 2022

Creating an effective strategy for your business is essential to creating brand awareness, building a relationship with your audience, and increasing your credibility. You can do this by engaging your target audience with content that will attract them to your website, which can be done by researching which platforms you want to publish your content on and what kind of content you will use.

We looked at top-performing content for our medical office clients from January 2022 to October 2022. Our findings were based on topics that received the highest impressions, engagements, and post-link clicks.

Find Out Which Content Works the Best

The first thing we researched was the types of content that performed well. We saw that our clients that used videos of patient interactions and day-to-day events at the office performed well. We also found that audiences liked this content because it showed what kind of services they could expect from the business. 

We also learned that Instagram’s “Reels” function proved to be a top-performing content platform. This assertion is based on the number of impressions and engagements that we saw from content posted as a reel. This content strategy proved effective for our medical clients because we can hyper-target the audience based on location-specific hashtags, topics, or demographics mentioned in the video.

Video Is the Way To Go

Marketing experts agree that videos tend to be the best way to turn viewers into customers.

  • Videos Grab Your Attention – People are more likely to click on a social media video ad than they are to click on a banner ad. This is because people are attracted to movement.
  • Videos Keep You Engaged – Videos are a great way to tell a story to your audience. People are more likely to remain engaged with content that they can imagine experiencing. 
  • Videos Make You Want to Buy – One study found that people are positively impacted by video content so much that it influences their purchase decisions. Researchers found that there is a strong relationship between video marketing and customer purchase intentions.

A Look at the Top Performing Topics

Our analysis also showed us the top-performing topics for our medical clients from January 2022 to October 2022.

  • Patient services and procedures
  • Benefits of services
  • Medical-related Frequently Asked Questions
  • Medical professional opinions on trending topics related to medicine and health
  • Health, wellness, and fitness recommendations
  • Patients giving positive testimonials

Digital Mules: Elevate Your Brand With Us

With our medical clients, we like to present our content with a localized approach. This helps us to build their brand awareness through community involvement such as sponsoring events and hosting webinars for potential customers. It also helps to strengthen our client’s positive reputations in their communities.

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