Today’s Hottest Social Media Features

Social media platforms have become a keystone of digital marketing and brand advertisements. These platforms have become so widespread that any target audience can now be reached in various ways through a brand’s social media presence and content marketing. 

Platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Twitter have cemented themselves as adapting mediums that constantly update with the latest trends and features such as virtual reality and augmented reality, social commerce, influencer marketing and networking elements, and the growing creator economy. Here are a few top social media features to keep on your radar in 2022:

Virtual and Augmented Reality Are Taking Over Video Content

With the introduction of TikTok and Instagram reels, many short form video content and virtual meeting platforms now have filters and backgrounds that incorporate augmented and virtual reality. These mediums help provide users with a more immersive, engaging experience and better shopping experience. 

Brands can use AR or VR to have customers visualize products, or they can create their own filters and video content incorporating these trends to enhance their brand awareness and partake in the developing creator economy. Other platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram stories also utilize these new features, and the technology behind them has gotten exponentially better as they evolve.

Social Commerce As The New Discovery-to-Purchase Marketing Medium

Social commerce has made its presence and effectiveness known to many brands. Social media users can come across a brand’s advertisement on the platform, click the post, and be taken to an entire shop where they can purchase products from the app. A recent study found that 71.6% of internet users use social media platforms to search for brand mentions and information. In fact, by 2025, the social commerce industry is projected to be worth around $85 billion.

Platforms such as Instagram have introduced new updates to this feature, allowing individuals to post their products in a personalized format with their collections option, providing product detail pages for easy-to-follow descriptions on a brand’s product, and establishing a quick and easy process for checkouts.

Influencer Marketing and The Networking Feature   

With the rise in popularity of social media influencers, many brands have began using them for marketing campaigns as a collaborative effort between company and influencer. With this type of marketing campaign strategy, companies can reach a wider audience for less money. Influencers reach new audiences for brands and help create prospective customers. The networking feature on social media platforms allow for individuals to connect with influencers over similar interests and further increase their interests over a product or service. 

The creator economy is growing, and will not be going anywhere. There is never a better time for brands to look to invest in creator marketplaces as over 90% of internet users are on social media.

The Digital Mules Solution

Constantly keeping up with shifting and evolving trends on social media platform features can be difficult when coupled with managing your growing company. Creating content for all the social media channels is a constant process that requires meticulous attention. 

When it comes to your brand’s awareness and reputation online, Digital Mules can assure that your company’s digital marketing needs are being satisfied, and exceeded. Find out more about how we can be of service to you and your brand by contacting us today!  

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