Three Graphic Design Software To Level Up Your Brand

Creating with quality graphic design software is essential for a business’ professional appearance. Visually appealing content draws the attention of eyes from clients, both current and potential. People are constantly processing visual content at the subconscious level, so using the best graphic design software is vital to establishing a strong brand identity. 

In the digital world, visual content is everywhere. Whether it’s social media posts, a business website, or tangible assets like business cards and flyers, having the right graphic design software is a necessity for creating quality content. In this blog, we will cover three of the best graphic design software to help elevate your brand image. 

Three Top Tier Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop

Perhaps the best-known graphic design software is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is oftentimes the number one solution for graphic design as it offers photo editing, retouching capabilities, and sensational brushes/textures. Adobe Photoshop lets creativity shine and gives you the power to create eye-catching graphics. 


  • An ever-improving interface
  • A broad range of tools
  • Highly customizable to adapt to your needs
  • Efficient file management


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Lack of support for vector graphics

Photoshop is great because the resources are endless. It provides an immersive design experience for photographs, web management, social media graphics, and much more. 


Canva is a great collaborative tool, and is one of the best software for beginners in graphic design. The reason Canva is suitable for beginners is that you can create all your graphics from the pre-built templates provided. However, there is still a diverse selection of designs to create from these templates.


  • Easy to use and master
  • You can start with a free plan to work your way up
  • Provides great versatility for all types of graphics


  • Not as advanced as some other software
  • Can sometimes be slow as a browser-based product

Canva is undoubtedly the best route to choose for those beginning their graphic design journey. There are templates for social media, email marketing, logos, events, and more. Also, Canva offers a huge selection of stock photos and graphic resources. 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is the best for vector illustration. It’s perfect for creating a new company logo, or designing fun, interactive websites, making it the go-to software for illustration. It also provides exceptional customization as all of your drawings are 100% scalable to suit any size needed. 


  • Intuitive experience
  • Cloud sharing
  • Versatility and compatibility with various OS options
  • Great customer support


  • Requires lots of bandwidth
  • More expensive than other software
  • Steep learning curve

Although Adobe Illustrator may be more costly, the extra expense is worth it for the capabilities. You can create images for something as large as a billboard or as small as a mobile app. Illustrator gives you full control of the graphic design process. 

Level Up With Digital Mules

In today’s increasingly digital world, quality graphic design is a staple in representing your business. Therefore, you want to ensure your brand is utilizing the best graphic design software to create balanced graphics that elevate your brand identity. For those starting out, graphic design software can be difficult and time-consuming to master. 

Our graphic design team at Digital Mules are experts in a plethora of different software. We internally use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator alongside Canva to fulfill all of our clients’ needs. For more information on our graphic design services, contact us today to see how we can carry the weight for you!

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