The Ultimate Holiday Advertisement Strategy

For many businesses, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Whether it’s needing to increase brand awareness, targeting new customers, increasing sales, or reaching your end-of-year goals, it is no debate that the holiday season creates an endless task list. Businesses and individuals alike know that marketing and advertising as a whole during the holiday season is essential to growing a brand’s online presence, and an effective holiday advertisement strategy could help make your task list smaller. 

A How To Guide To The Perfect Holiday Advertisement Strategy 

Whatever your business’ product or service might be, holiday advertising has the potential to bring in substantial revenue for your business. Holiday advertising usually consists of promoting special seasonal offers on your products or services, and launching campaigns based on specific holidays. Here are some key trends to consider when creating your holiday advertisement strategy: 

Mobile E-Commerce 

According to Statista, $47.8 billion makes up mobile e-commerce spending in the United States. During the holiday season, considering an advertising strategy that prioritizes being mobile friendly is key to success. When creating your advertising strategy, make sure that your advertisements are responsive and optimized for mobile devices for an enhanced user experience. 

Seasonal Offers 

When it comes to the holidays, individuals are often looking for new offers just in time for Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year. When creating your advertisement strategy, it is important to consider offering promotions or discounts on your products or services that will enhance the holiday gift-giving feels. Promotional offers can include things such as free shipping, buy one get one offers, and more. 

What Steps Can Your Business Take In Creating The Best Holiday Advertisement Strategy?

So, your business is ready to take on the holiday season, but how do you get started? Here are some steps your business can take to ensure the perfect holiday advertisement strategy is in place, and increase your chances of success:

Step 1: Decide The Right Channels

When it comes to advertising, many users are on social media channels during the holiday season, whether that’s for connecting with family members or friends, or searching for gifts to give to others. Whatever the reason, utilizing a cross-channel approach is important to consider for your advertisement strategy. 

Holiday advertising marketing in the form of social media ads can help increase your brand’s visibility, online presence, and cut through competition. Coupled with effective promotional and seasonal offers, prioritizing social media advertisements can help your business reach a wider audience, easier and faster. 

Step 2: Get Creative 

Competition is at its peak during the holiday season, so it is important that your business’ content is creative and enticing. When creating advertisements for your business, consider using a more content-driven approach. By focusing on the content element of advertising, your business can experience significant growth and success. Some ways to implement a content-first strategy is by offering unique promotional offers, personalized online shopping experiences, and holiday gift-guides. 

Step 3: Incentivize Customers

Purchasing products or services during the holidays can often create a sense of urgency in customers. When creating your advertisement strategy, it is important to incentivize customers to take advantage of what your business is offering by giving them a reason to purchase. On top of prioritizing creating revenue, your business should also value relationships and connections with its customers. 

By providing deals that count, your customers will feel that your business values their purchases, whether it’s the holiday season or not. Ensure that your holiday advertisement strategy is not alienating customers with random and sporadic offers, but rather with thoughtful and valuable ones. 

Ready To Launch Your Advertisement Strategy?

It’s clear that the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to maximize your brand’s growth. Holiday advertisement strategies could be the ultimate key to success for your business, today and in the future. So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re looking for a simple advertisement strategy or a deep dive into holiday advertising, Digital Mules is here to help! For more information on our advertising and marketing services, contact us today.

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