The Influence of User-Generated Content: What Is It and How Do I Acquire It? 

Over the last decade, the world of digital marketing has grown and evolved to adapt to new technologies and trends. Digital marketing is more consumer-centric than ever before and brands are seeking opportunities to interact and engage with consumers. 

One of the most influential trends has been the use of user-generated content (UGC) in marketing campaigns. UGC, such as reviews or social media posts, have proven to be successful in funneling new potential customers to company landing pages. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of UGC and how to acquire it for your brand. 

What Exactly Is User-Generated Content?

UGC is original, brand-specific content created by users or customers, rather than by the company itself. UGC can come in many different forms such as social media posts, reviews, and even unboxing videos. It has become increasingly popular in today’s world as the rise of social media marketing has taken over. 

Benefits of Utilizing User-Generated Content

Typically, the first goal of a marketing strategy is to reach an audience with massive exposure to increase engagement and conversions. Customer-centric content is used to interact with potential customers and have them become familiar with your brand. 

When people see content created by others who have had a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to trust and engage with that brand themselves. It’s essential for companies to start generating and using UGC as it’s known to be the most reliable, authentic form of content. It helps build a sense of community around your brand and demonstrates social proof that your products and services are trustworthy and desirable. 

Acquiring User-Generated Content for Your Brand

Using UGC sounds like a full proof plan, but how can companies acquire this type of content? Here are a few tips on acquiring UGC for your brand to use:

  • Create a branded hashtag: Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to acquire UGC is to encourage customers to mention and tag your brand on social media. This can be done by including social media handles and a branded hashtag on your packaging or receipts. Creating branded hashtags unique to your company will help build brand awareness. 
  • Run social media contests: One of the most effective ways to get customers to create UGC is to run social media contests. Encourage customers to share and tag your account on a TikTok or Instagram Reels for a chance to win free products or services. Not only will this generate UGC, but it will also help boost your engagement. 
  • Ask for reviews: Reviews are a powerful form of UGC, as they provide social proof and can help enhance your brand’s reputation online. Encourage customers to provide feedback on sites like Google or Yelp by sending follow-up emails after a purchase or by offering incentives like discounts. 

UGC can be used to your advantage to reach a massive audience of potential customers you would have never had access to. It allows everyday people to create content for you and advocate for your products or services. By encouraging customers to share their experiences and opinions, brands can build a foundation of trust and reach a larger audience. 

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