The Benefits of Long-Form Content: Why Size Matters

Long-form content can be challenging to define. Most tend to base their answer to what long-form content is on the number of words. It may be 500 words for some while others may say it’s 1,500 words or more. This content can come in the form of blog posts, white papers, e-books, etc.

Although people have different definitions of long-form content, its benefits are undeniable. Digital marketing experts agree that using long-form content in digital platforms attracts people seeking information. Long-form content allows users to receive concise, yet thorough information in one, easy-to-read location.

Benefits of Long-form Content

The benefits of using long-form content on a webpage aren’t limited to providing users with the information they can delve into for answers. Other examples of the benefits of long-form content include:


When you begin posting blogs on your website it gives you an opportunity to promote something like services or special offers. This helps to increase your business’ visibility. Some businesses use long-form content to promote the value of their product. You can include long-form content that supports reasons why someone should purchase your product or service.


Your business can appear higher in search results when you use long-form content. One study found that the top ten results of searches were found to have a minimum of 2,000 words. Other studies have found similar results. An important key to this is to make sure that the content you are providing has enough information to thoroughly answer the questions that people using the search engine may have.


People will likely spend more time on your website when they have long-form content to digest. Most businesses welcome this because it opens up opportunities for increased sales and brand awareness. Another factor to this is using links within your long-form content. Give readers an opportunity to find additional information through a link. Make sure the links are directing the users to other pages within the website.


Posting long-form content gives your business an opportunity to establish its authority as an expert in a certain field. If you operate a transportation company and you post blogs about what’s new and happening now within the transportation industry, readers will begin to consider your business as a trusted source of accurate and timely information. This is a step towards establishing your authority and credibility as a business.

Content That Enhances Your Brand

Adding long-form content to your website doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, Digital Mules can help you accomplish this goal! As a digital marketing agency, we can provide you with the tools to support your business’s success.

Part of the services that we can offer to you includes copywriting: short-form and long-form blogs, website copy, marketing copy, press releases, and more. Please contact us to get started on elevating your brand.

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