Summer Strategy Refresh

Summer Strategy Refresh

One of the greatest things about digital marketing is that it’s always evolving and can be adapted to any time of the year or season. Marketing efforts can be refreshed and tailored, giving your business the opportunity to boost engagement and find new customers. Seasonal campaigns prove to give your brand a refreshing feel and ensure customers are still interested and invested in your company. In this blog, we will provide you with 4 creative strategies to refresh your brand this summer. 

4 Effective Summer Marketing Strategies

Highlight The Holidays

When crafting seasonal campaigns, the first thing that comes to mind is holidays. Although summer doesn’t have holidays with an impact as great as Christmas or Thanksgiving, you should still consider promotions surrounding the Fourth of July or Back to School sales, for example. 

Try blasting out a themed email campaign prior to the Fourth of July for any sale, promotion, or event your business is planning on holding around this time. 

Host Local Community Events

School’s out for summer, which means families have much more free time to enjoy locally hosted events. While these events are a great way to expose your business to potential customers, you should also consider targeting your regular customers to show consistent engagement. This will help create a sense of community with your customers and let them know how much you appreciate their business. You should promote these events on all social media platforms and even consider a promotion or coupon for those who attend. 

Market The Weather

An advantage of digital marketing is that you can make it topical. For example, if the weather for the week is forecasted to be extremely hot, a smoothie business can send out an email or post on social media with something along the lines of, “the high for today is 90°, enjoy 2 for 1 smoothies!” Leveraging what’s going on locally is a great way to refresh your marketing strategies for the summer and have customers chatting about your business. 

Run Contests

A lot of businesses experience a plateau in sales during the summer months. One way to combat this is by offering contests for your customers. You can also utilize this strategy to boost your engagement on social media and drive website traffic. For example, run a contest that asks people to like, comment, and share one of your social media posts. If you own a clothing company of some sort, engage with users and ask them to share their favorite summer styles and tag your account in the post. This will help with your online presence and engagement, as well as drive new people to your landing pages.


Refresh Your Marketing Efforts This Summer With Digital Mules

Digital marketing isn’t just about studying analytics and following the newest trends. There is a high level of creativity and brainstorming that goes into creating successful marketing campaigns. At Digital Mules, our team is always at work generating new marketing ideas and relating them to seasonal occasions such as holidays. 

With our assistance, we can refresh and elevate your marketing strategies bringing a new dynamic to your business. For more information on our services, please visit our website and contact us today to see how we can help refresh your brand.

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