Sales Collateral Every Business Needs

Organizations have been utilizing sales collateral for ages. The most traditional forms of sales collateral include brochures, flyers, or catalogs. However, we are now in the digital age of business and modern sales reps need innovative, engaging, and hyper-targeted collateral for their specific audience.

In today’s competitive market, sales collateral must be prioritized to connect with buyers’ needs. Customers desire to be well informed of your business and what you can offer them. That’s when sales collateral comes into play. In this blog, we will list and explain the importance of different sales collateral every business needs to utilize. 

What Is Sales Collateral?

Before we dive into different types of sales collateral, it’s important to clearly define what it is. Sales collateral refers to any content, printed or digital, that helps move leads or customers down the sales funnel. It’s informative material that is an integral part of your sales enablement strategy. When you equip your sales team with the right collateral, it enables them to build relationships, connect with customers, and close more sales. 

Examples Of Effective Sales Collateral Strategies 

Email Templates

Providing your sales team with email templates is effective for a variety of different purposes. In addition to using templates for cold email outreach, you can also provide templates for industry and persona-based emails, follow-up sequences, and tailored marketing campaign emails. Not only will this help your sales team save time, but it will also allow them to resonate with their prospects’ needs on a more personal level.

Company Overview

This form of sales collateral has grown in popularity due to a rise in market competition. Having a company overview is important for businesses trying to create brand awareness. It allows potential customers to learn more about the company, its origins, and its mission. Your company overview should be presented in the form of a portfolio or capabilities packet. In this overview, you want to ensure that all the content matches your branding in order to enhance brand awareness.

Case Studies

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to exemplify your company’s strengths. A well-put-together case study displays your familiarity with industry-specific needs. It’s great for companies with a niche target market as it provides specific details from past operations. Essentially, case studies are evidence of how your products or services have brought value to businesses. When writing a case study, remember to feature quotes from satisfied clients. This will help boost the credibility of your company. 

In The Need For High Quality Sales Collateral? 

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