Reeling In Success: How Instagram Reels Benefit Businesses

The Instagram platform has many functions that can be useful to businesses. One such feature is known as the Instagram Reel. It is a full-screen vertical video that users can post on their accounts. Reels can be as long as 15 minutes depending on how the user uploads them. A Reel allows users to create and display content using audio, effects, and other creative resources.

When you upload a Reel you can share it on Instagram’s Explore page. This allows your Reel to be seen by your followers and the wider Instagram community. Your Reel can show up on the Explore page if it includes elements such as a viral song, hashtag, or effects.

Reels are favored by Instagram’s algorithm which makes it a great tool for marketing a business, product, or service. Many digital marketing professionals are catching on to this and using it to their advantage.

Top Ranking Content

Instagram Reels can create new opportunities and provide advantages for businesses compared to traditional posts. This can include videos or static images that are posted on a user’s feed.

Having success with Reels can depend mainly on understanding the algorithm. In 2022, Instagram released information on factors that determine how Reels are ranked. Those factors include the user’s activity, interaction history, information about the post, and information about the author.


You have to regularly post content to take advantage of the algorithm. This can also include responding to comments and liking posts. Make sure you have an interactive presence. Most social media experts suggest you post at least one or two times a day to align with Instagram’s algorithm. This should help ensure you receive the best results from your posts.

Interaction History

The Instagram algorithm likes when people are also interacting with you. This means the more mentions, tags, likes, and comments you receive – the better. 

Post Information

Information about the post includes the video description, hashtags, and audio. Social media experts believe that Instagram utilizes artificial intelligence technology to determine what your content is displaying to other users.

Author Information

Instagram determines whether users will be interested in the content that you are posting.

Why Traditional Posts Don’t Perform the Same

This is the big question many users have about the use of Instagram Reels. According to data, Instagram Reels are the most engaging type of post you can use on Instagram. It is believed that the algorithm favors Reels over the other types of content on the app. One study found that although interactions through Instagram may be declining, it still benefits brands to use Reels more than traditional still images. The study showed that in terms of post interactions, Reels declined by 10% while traditional images declined by 41% in the same period.

Reels are a great marketing tool for businesses. Reels can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media apps. They can also be sent via a text message link. Users can share Reels that they like on their Instagram story or they can send a Reel to a friend on the app. This versatility may be a contributing factor as to why Reels have become such a popular marketing tool.

Digital Mules: Amplify Your Success With Us

Businesses incorporating Instagram Reels into their social media strategy are already seeing results. There is a demand for short video content. Some industries seeing success are retail, automotive, and entertainment. However, any industry can utilize the marketing power that social media provides. 

At Digital Mules, we can use our expert knowledge of social media marketing to help elevate your brand. We’ll use tools like Instagram Reels to showcase your product or services to your target demographic. Our social media services include content strategy, profile management, content calendar creation, posting, and engagement.

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