Marketing Trends On The Radar For 2022

Marketing Trends On The Radar For 2022

As we enter the new year, many businesses are shifting their focus to the rising trends of 2022. The internet has been established as the next frontier for marketing efforts. In order to stay relevant and stay ahead, more brands are finding that they need a stronger online presence with a positive reputation.  Digital marketing is the best way to expand brand awareness for your company, keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, and reach your target audience. Here are some digital marketing trends to look out for in 2022:

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great example of evolving platforms already used by many brands as a digital marketing strategy. Social media marketers are not just brands and users advertising their business to expand their market share. There are also social media influencers that work with businesses to advertise to specific audiences. Influencers are people who often work with brands to promote their service or product on social media, further increasing engagement rates. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly more relevant in 2022 as brand partnerships are becoming more digitized.  

Brands have begun to build more trust in this method over time, and social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram are experiencing a significant prevalence of influencer marketing. A report by Hubspot states that the audiences of influencers are continuously growing and thus, brands investing in them have found great success in influencer marketing campaigns.

Social Commerce

Another facet of social media marketing that has surfaced recently has been social commerce. Today, brands have begun to build and include virtual stores on social media platforms such as Instagram. Through picture and video content, brands can advertise products in a similar way to social media users making a post, while also allowing for an easy process to purchase a product. 

Along with a shop option, marketers have implemented social commerce advertisement strategies. Product advertisements appear in the user’s feed or timeline along with their regular content, and users can click on the banner ads to direct them to the rest of a brand’s videos, products, and services. Using social media platforms as a means to conduct business is a rising market strategy for the year of 2022. 

Conversational Marketing

Have you ever gone to a brand’s website looking for customer service or wanting to talk to a representative? Personable conversations and one-on-one marketing has become heavily desired by customers and users abroad.

Conversational marketing focuses on dialogue to provide users with authentic content that walks them through a brand’s products or services while providing a personalized feel. Voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri, help build a relationship between a brand and a consumer and allow for a more seamless experience than traditional advertising. 

Hubspot’s previous report further emphasizes the importance for brands to maintain social connections, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many brands have opted to create social forums on their own websites to increase website visitor time, and attempt to establish a more comfortable feel to their brand. 

Stay on Top of Marketing Trends With Digital Mules

Digital marketing trends are always expanding and growing with today’s changing technology. It’s no debate that this year’s marketing trends can substantially impact a business’ success, whether that’s through social media marketing, social commerce, influencer marketing, conversational marketing, and more. 

Don’t let your brand fall behind! At Digital Mules, we excel at staying relevant with the latest trends in digital marketing to grow and maintain your brand’s online presence and reputation. Visit our homepage to learn more about the services we have to offer, and how we can help you build your brand today. 

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