Ideas for a Successful 2022 Black Friday Marketing Strategy

Black Friday is one of the busiest times of the year for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores alike. Customers are enticed to make purchases during this time because of the vast amount of promotions taking place. However, if every business is offering discounts, you must find alternative ways to stick out from the crowd. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best ideas to promote a successful Black Friday marketing strategy. 

Three Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Consider

Implementing a marketing strategy for Black Friday is essential because there is no other time in the year when consumers are this encouraged to spend.

A well-constructed marketing strategy will help drive traffic to your company’s website and push potential customers down the sales funnel. Take a look below at three Black Friday marketing strategies we highly recommend. 

Personalized Email Marketing

A Black Friday email marketing campaign is something every business owner should consider. One of the main goals of personalized email marketing is to bring customers back to your site so they can act on your Black Friday sales. 

Start off by sending warm-up emails in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. You will want to hint at or tease special discounts or unique offerings in these warm-up emails. Remember to follow up with an email a couple of days before Black Friday to remind customers to visit your website. 

Next, it can be beneficial to create abandoned cart emails. Emailing visitors who have abandoned their carts will help capture some of those abandoned conversions when Black Friday comes along. 

Lastly, a sincere thank you email to customers who have made a purchase through your website is always appreciated and can help retain them for future sales. The ideal time to send a thank you email is three to five days after the sale is complete. 

Optimizing Website for Traffic

One of the most common ways businesses lose conversions on Black Friday is by having a slow and unresponsive website. With the increased amount of traffic, you want to ensure all your pages are ready to go ahead of time. 

Test your website for speed with tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. If your website is slow to load or prone to downtime, now is the best time to migrate your website to a more robust platform.

Another aspect to consider is that shoppers will be in a hurry. Therefore, you need to optimize your product page by placing your best sellers and biggest promotions front and center. Ensure that navigating through your products is simple and quick. Also, make sure that you use high-quality pictures to display your products. 

The last and arguably most important website optimization you must make is the checkout process. Limit the number of steps and amount of information customers go through to complete their checkout. Ensuring that your checkout process is responsive will help reduce the number of sales lost. 

Implementing Video Marketing on Socials

In 2022, video marketing is some of the easiest content for viewers to digest. More and more brands are elevating their Black Friday marketing strategy by posting video-based content on their social media platforms. Although many business owners believe video marketing is costly, you can produce high-quality, attention-grabbing videos without overspending your budget. All you need is a smartphone and an editing tool such as Clipchamp.

In your videos, highlight your best Black Friday promotions. Keep it short and simple, staying under 30 seconds. Also, you can never go wrong with an informative video that educates customers on your brand, products, or services. Remember to also post a picture or video on Thanksgiving day saying how thankful you are for all your loyal customers!

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

As we approach Black Friday and the holiday season, now is the best time for business owners to invest in their digital marketing campaigns. With the help of our wonderful team at Digital Mules, we can help create unique marketing strategies personalized for your target audience. Please contact us today to see how we can help take charge of your marketing efforts and grow your online presence this holiday season. 

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