How To Use SEO Data In Your Social Media Strategy

Want to build a strong social media strategy? Using SEO data is essential to reach as many potential customers as possible. In this blog, we will discuss how you can utilize SEO data to build a successful social media campaign and bring eyeballs to your brand.

Understanding The Importance Of SEO

What Is SEO And SEO Data?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility by gaining organic traffic. Let’s start from the basics. What is organic traffic? It refers to the visitors that reach your website through search engine results, not any paid means. 

It is one of the many types of SEO data you can leverage to garner traction on your website. Others include organic impressions, organic rankings, keyword monthly search volume, backlinks, referring domains, and page speed. Let’s dive deeper into what they stand for.

Organic impressions are generated when your content appears on a consumer’s screen. Again, without running a paid advertisement.

Google ranks your content on the basis of how well it addresses search queries. The organic content is ranked below paid ads and the ranking is called organic ranking.

As the name suggests, keyword monthly search volume refers to the number of keyword searches in a month. In other words, it shows how interested users are in a specific keyword.

Backlinks are the links that connect your webpage to other sites. The number of backlinks play a key role in your Google ranking.

Referring domains refer to the websites used for backlinking.

The amount of time your website takes to load is called page speed. A quick-loading website is what you should aim for.

It’s Time To Talk SEO

Now that you have an understanding of what SEO data is, we will talk about how it can benefit a social media marketing campaign:

  • Keyword Research: A hit social media campaign reaches the masses, organically. This is only possible by using the different components of SEO in a smart way. Conducting keyword research to gain an insight into what interests your audience can guide the direction of your social media campaign. Find the top keywords in your niche and track social media awareness around them to plan a successful campaign.
  • Competitor Analysis: Studying the SEO rankings is a brilliant way to analyze your competitors’ performance. It can help you in building an effective strategy for your campaign. 
  • The Trending Subjects: SEO makes it super easy to stay updated! While running a social media campaign, knowing what’s trending is a crucial aspect. Use Google Trends to help find trending topics or queries and plan your social media campaign accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Audience growth and SEO data go hand in hand. Whether it is about enhancing your online presence, building a social media campaign, or standing out from your competitors, SEO data can do wonders for you. However, it may get too complex or time-consuming. Need not worry, we have a team of SEO and social media experts that can handle it for you. Click here to get in touch with us! 

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