How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

Getting a negative review online can be troublesome, but they are bound to happen. With the capability of leaving a review or comment in a matter of seconds, negative customer feedback can happen at any time and for any reason. When you get a negative review, don’t panic. Take a minute to assess the situation and then take action. 

It’s essential to handle these situations with care since most customers make purchasing decisions based on customer reviews. Very seldom will customers choose a business with poor ratings and reviews. Here are some steps to use when addressing negative customer reviews.

Step 1: Acknowledge the Negative Review

It’s critical to respond to the review immediately so you can resolve the problem quickly. When responding, acknowledge the customer’s complaint with empathy and apologize for their poor experience. Inform them that a customer service representative will be reaching out privately to help rectify the situation. It’s better to privately communicate with the customer rather than commenting back and forth.

When acknowledging the review, make sure to be transparent, productive, and kind. By doing these things, it will be easier for you to assess the situation and be able to effectively address the concern being brought by the customer. 

Step 2: Investigate the Situation

Promptly notify the account manager and/or the customer service team about the negative review. One person should initially reach out to the customer with a clear message. When too many team members reach out at first, messages and information could get lost in the mix. So it’s important for the team to be on the same page when communicating with customers. 

Make sure to understand the background behind the situation, particularly looking at the client’s concern, identifying key issue areas, and compiling as much information as you can that can contextualize the negative review. By properly investigating the situation, you will be able to better understand what problems may have arose that prompted a negative review. 

Step 3: Offer Effective Solutions

Once all the information and details of the situation are obtained, offer the customer solutions to make it right. Client satisfaction is the priority while keeping the business’s integrity intact. If the customer refuses the solution, brainstorm a new idea. If a solution can’t be agreed upon, ask the customer what they would like to see or what exactly you can do to resolve the problem to ensure they’re happy with the outcome. 

Customers who feel as though they are receiving quick and productive solutions to their concerns will feel more inclined to continue their partnership with your business in the future. Mistakes can happen, but being able to effectively offer solutions that are personalized and that work for the client can help maintain a withstanding relationship, and better prepare your business for potential future instances. 

Step 4: Improve the Customer Service Process

When you get negative comments or reviews, look at it as a learning opportunity. Use the feedback to improve your business tactics and discuss solutions with your team to avoid that problem in the future. These reviews allow you to acknowledge the experiences that your customer’s have had, and can help to better understand their point of view. Properly managing negative reviews can still be used to your advantage. 

By investing resources and time into managing your negative online reviews, your customer service process will significantly improve. It is important that your response measures are consistent with your values, and will continue to make your customers feel important and valued when doing business with you. 

Got Reviews? Let Digital Mules Handle It

Receiving negative feedback from customers doesn’t have to be detrimental to business. Customers appreciate that they can voice their concerns and value businesses that offer acceptable solutions. Rectifying problematic situations quickly and efficiently can actually improve a brand’s customer service image. Customers are more likely to return to a business if they have a great customer service experience, especially if it addresses their concerns. 

At Digital Mules, we can help address any issues you might have had regarding negative feedback. We offer an array of services, like reputation management and social media management, that can handle any negative comments or reviews. We take pride in our work and aim to exceed expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our top-tier services. 

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