How To Boost Conversion Rate For E-Commerce

On average, the typical e-commerce store sees its conversion rate hover around 2-3%, but why settle for average? Getting your conversion rates to increase by as little as 1 or 2 percent can have a huge impact on your business, so it’s an important statistic to keep in mind. Through this blog, we will explain the factors that play into your conversion rate and how to boost them. 

Increasing Your E-Commerce Sales

What Is Conversion Rate?

Before diving into the factors that affect conversion rate, it’s important to clearly define what it means. A conversion is an action a visitor performs on your website that leads to them becoming a customer. Meaning that the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who actually purchase something from your website. In order to increase your conversion rate, it means completing more sales with the same amount of traffic, which falls to digital marketing. 

4 Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Simplify The Process

Making the conversion process as quick and easy as possible will create a better chance for visitors to finalize a purchase. This can be done by implementing direct call to action (CTAs) and creating an easy-to-use registration process. Customers will lose interest if purchasing a product from your online store is too laborious. 

Ensure You Provide Quality Images

One of the main reasons visitors won’t trust an online store is bad quality or blurry product images. Ensure that the images you choose to display are high quality and have a monotone background where the product is easily identifiable. There are great resources out there such as to get product images edited without additional resources. 

Add Social Media Links To Your Store

It’s very important to add icons linking to your social media pages on your e-commerce site. Remember to configure the links so that they open on a new tab making it so customers aren’t directed away from your online store. The reason adding social media links is vital is because it’s a good way to create social trust between your brand and visitors. If potential customers see satisfied buyers on your posts, it will encourage them to purchase from you as well. 

Personalize Your Copy

One common mistake many e-commerce marketers make is using the same bland copy for all their products. Instead, take your time to write unique product descriptions for all of your products. Not only will this make your page look more professional, but it will also make your store look trustworthy. Also, remember to talk about the benefits of purchasing your product, not just the functionality. You may sell blankets made from the finest cotton, but what customers want to hear is that it will help keep them warm during the winter. 

Optimizing Your Online Store

There’s a lot more that goes into e-commerce than just products. However, most business owners don’t have the time or resources to perfect every detail of their online store. That’s why at Digital Mules, we help take care of all your digital marketing needs. Allow us to optimize your social media pages and e-commerce site to bring in more traffic and boost conversions. For more information on how we can be of service to you, please contact us via our website today. 

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