How Personalized Marketing Automation Can Help Nurture Leads

In a perfect world, leads will maneuver themselves down the marketing funnel organically without the influence of marketers. However, this is not realistic and potential leads often need some extra motivation to make a purchase decision. 

One of the most effective ways to nurture leads down the marketing funnel is with personalized marketing automation. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of lead nurturing and how personalized marketing automation can boost conversions. 

What Does it Mean to Nurture Leads?

Lead nurturing is defined as the various marketing efforts a marketing team utilizes to successfully convert a lead to a buyer. It’s one of the most integral components of inbound marketing. In fact, according to The Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases compared to non-nurtured leads. Not only can you convert more leads into paying customers, but you can also see increased revenue with larger purchases. 

What is Personalized Marketing Automation?

Personalized marketing automation is a solution that helps automate your repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, website actions, and social media. Traditional marketing automation does this but in a one-size-fits-all manner. With personalized marketing automation, you can easily automate custom-made messages or data that fits a particular buyer persona. 

You can target various pre-purchase goals with automatized content:

  • Drive traffic to landing pages
  • Educate leads on your brand, products, or services
  • Build trust between your brand and leads
  • Collect lead preferences
  • Increase conversions

Using personalized marketing automation allows you to deliver relevant communications to help nudge leads down the marketing funnel and ultimately close more sales. 

Three Ways Personalized Marketing Automation Improves Lead Nurturing

Advanced Segmentation

Digital marketing is all about personalization and relationship building. Leads want to be delivered content that is relevant to their specific needs. You can’t expect a 60-year-old and a 20-year-old to see the same marketing content and have similar reactions. Marketing automation is a great way to segment your contact list. Demographics such as age, gender, location, website behavior, and buyer stage all play a role in how content should be redirected. 

Custom SMS and Email Campaigns

Email and SMS marketing is the core of lead nurturing in today’s tech-savvy world. Being able to reach thousands of potential customers on their mobile devices in seconds is a game changer. Personalized marketing automation can help craft the perfect SMS message or email for your particular leads. Use marketing automation to send out welcome messages, thank you messages, newsletters, and exclusive offers and discounts to help increase conversions. 

Collect Useful Analytics

Without analytics and detailed customer reports, nurturing leads is virtually impossible. You will never know what is and isn’t working without tracking important analytics. Marketing automation tools can help expedite the collection of analytics and keep information organized in one spot. Data collected from marketing automation tools will ensure that you are investing in the right areas and maximizing your marketing efforts. 

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