Content Marketing Strategy: How To Create Content With Intention

Companies throughout all industries are in a constant battle to grab the attention of potential customers. Some business owners are under the impression that pumping out as much content as possible with no rhyme or reason is an effective game plan. This is simply not the case.

Content creation must be purposeful and strategic. It’s imperative to define a clear motive for blogs, social media posts, case studies, or videos before you even begin your content marketing strategy. In this blog, we will guide you through the content creation process and how to define your content strategy purpose. 

Defining Your Purpose

Too many organizations in today’s time create content for the sake of creating content. Readers are able to tell pretty quickly when the content you post doesn’t have any direction. 

There is so much more that happens behind the scenes than simply posting whenever a company feels like it. Every piece of content you create must tie back into your digital marketing strategy, landing pages, and company branding. 

Aligning all your content creation with your company’s marketing goal in mind should incentivize readers to take action and dive further into your organization. 

Three Questions To Ask Yourself

Whether working with an internal team or third-party creators, every business owner should be able to clearly answer these three questions:

  • Why am I posting this content?
  • Who am I trying to reach with this content?
  • What action do I want readers of this content to take?

By defining your main purpose, identifying a target audience, and determining your call to action, companies can establish posting guidelines and ensure that all content has a clear focus. Organizations often get caught up in trying to achieve multiple goals at the same time which leads to unappealing, confusing content that lacks intention. 

Creating Purposeful Content

After answering these three questions, you will be able to create purposeful content that drives readers toward your organization’s goal. A great way to start is with content pillars. 

Content pillars are sub-topics or themes in your wheelhouse that support your brand and will create the foundation for your content strategy. Having anywhere from three to eight content pillars is ideal. 

Each pillar can consist of a variety of different content such as blogs, social media posts, infographics, or email blasts. For example, at Digital Mules, some of our content pillars include branding, workplace wellness, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting, just to name a few. 

Within each of these pillars, you want to create content that is relevant and specific, but not too niche that only a tiny percentage of readers would understand.

Another vital component of content marketing is planning a posting schedule months ahead of time. This will allow you to plan your digital marketing for the future and keep track of what is successful and what isn’t. 

Take Control of Your Content Creation With Digital Mules

Establishing an intention for your content and planning out posts with a content calendar is the key to success when it comes to digital marketing. However, these aren’t easy tasks that can be done overnight. That’s why our team at Digital Mules is here to help you. We provide extensive digital marketing services to elevate your brand and drive traffic to your sites. Creating meaningful content that aligns with your goals is what we do best. For more information, please contact us today to see how we can take control of your content creation. 

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