Community Building 101: Grow An Authentic Audience

Marketing strategies have changed over the years and are constantly evolving. One feature of current marketing trends is having an authentic audience. In previous years, it was quantity above all else. But having a large audience isn’t enough if they aren’t engaged. Building an authentic community should be the highlight of your marketing approach. Here are some tips and tricks on growing an authentic audience.

Why Does An Authentic Audience Matter?

The first step in growing an audience is understanding what an authentic audience is and why it matters. An authentic audience is a consumer base that has opted-in to receive your messages and intentionally followed your page. Buying followers on social media is a thing of the past, and there isn’t much benefit to having a large following if they aren’t purchasing your products or services. 

One thing consumers want to see is authenticity from brands. Most people can tell when a brand or company is fabricating its message. Staying true to your brand and beliefs is what people appreciate. Consumers like brands that align with their views and steer clear of inauthentic brands. 

Five Ways To Grow Your Ideal Audience 

Say less, because less is more. With an authentic audience, there’s no need to hound them constantly with your products or services. They know what you offer by simply following your page, but they will appreciate being notified about new products or sales. When their inbox is inundated with unnecessary emails from one brand, they’re more likely just to unsubscribe altogether. 

Consult their needs. Your product or service might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. Instead of pushing your products on any willing participant, consult on whether they would genuinely benefit from your product. Understand their issues, the problem they’re trying to fix, or their goals, then highlight how your product or service can help them. 

Use hashtags. Hashtags are still very much alive. Instagram allows users to follow hashtags. Hashtags can also lead you to similar pages to your brand and see what their followers react to most. Staying consistent with your hashtags can help create a steady following base. But be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Don’t just stick irrelevant hashtags because they might be ‘trendy’.

Build a community. An increasingly popular feature on Facebook is groups. Your brand could either create a group or join one. For both brands and consumers, joining groups can bring a sense of community; connecting with others that might have the same problems or a common goal. Along with Facebook, company websites can also offer a digital group setting. 

Keep up with trends. While staying consistent with your brand, you should keep up with trends. Social media and marketing are ever-changing. Staying current with the trends might be a little trickier than it seems, as not every trend might align with your brand. Consider how your consumer base will benefit from your content when posting.

Build Your Community With Digital Mules

Don’t put your marketing goals on the back burner. Starting even a day late can put you behind your competitors. Digital marketing is integral to growing any business, regardless of industry. Contact Digital Mules to learn more about our services and how we can help you build an authentic audience.

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