Before Clicking Send: Six Ways To Optimize Your Email Newsletter

Standard email newsletters contain text, graphics, images, or other elements to inform an audience about a business, product, or service. They give companies the opportunity to establish a consistent line of communication with prospects and customers. In order to make the most of the relationship with your readers, consider implementing the following elements to make your newsletter more engaging and to take your brand to new heights.

Creating Emails People Want to Open


Businesses should consider that their customers have very busy days and won’t spend much time looking through lots of text. You can encourage your audience to read the information you’ve presented in an email newsletter by using an easy format such as using short sentences and breaking up longer sections with paragraphs.


The words you write in your email newsletter should be educational and slightly promotional. Readers want to feel like they are getting useful information, they don’t want to feel like you’re only selling them a product or service. The goal should be for people to want to open your email, read it and take action. You can further encourage customers by writing with a personal and engaging copy style that reflects the essence of your brand.


Add graphics to your email newsletter to help catch the reader’s attention. It helps to emphasize parts of the email that you want to highlight. Graphics can also be a great way to show what a service or product looks like. Sometimes it’s not enough to just describe your product or service with the copy. People are naturally drawn to images and graphics; therefore, it’s a great way to make someone stop or pay attention to what your business has to offer.


Include a clear call to action in your email newsletter. It has to be compelling enough to encourage the reader to get one step closer to making a purchase or at the least, inquiring further. You can encourage readers to contact a sales representative, visit your website, like your Facebook page, etc. That being said, whichever action you want the customer to take needs to be easily understood.


Inserting links in your email newsletters gives readers direct access to specific pages on your website or to your social media platforms. Each link you include gives your business a chance to promote a product or service by driving more traffic to your page. You can help encourage your customers to click the links in your email newsletters by ensuring that there is something valuable for them after clicking. You might consider providing links to your blog page where they can find downloadable resources for a specific industry, or perhaps the link brings them to a sales page on your website where they can find a great deal.


Allow your customers to unsubscribe easily from your email newsletter. Businesses in the United States are required to allow people to opt out of email communications from a business. It’s part of the CAN-SPAM Act. Not adhering to this law can result in fines. Besides following the law, businesses should include an unsubscribe button or link because it helps with their open rate. When measuring metrics, it looks more favorable to have a higher number of people who open your emails. Another benefit is that when people aren’t opening your emails it can negatively impact your click-through rate. This refers to the number of people who visit a webpage through a hypertext link to a particular advertisement.

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